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New!!! Royal Pacific Charters

(Private Boating Instruction Workshops in Victoria, BC)

Have you ever thought you would like to get into boating, but have had little or no practice at operating a small craft by yourself before?


We can help you gain the vital marine experience you need to get underway

Why learn the hardway? (The accident below resulted in a fatal injury.)

Prevent and Accident, boating school, Victoria BC



Capt David Carlos, of Royal Pacific Charters is a certified local charter guide in Victoria BC. Now offered by us is a private hands on boating workshop for those who are interested in boating for the very first time and desire to prepare. The course is also for those who desire to gain more marine experience, and time at the helm of a small vessel. We let you take control!


We offer courses starting with basic for those with no experience, and then advanced for those with some experience

The end result will mean you have more experience and saftey knowledge concerning piloting a smaller vessel by yourself. Students will rotate time at the helm while the boat is underway. While supervised, each will take turns at watch keeping as well as docking

This private instruction will not only prepare you to for the Pleasure Craft Operator Certificate but the (SVOP) Small Vessel Operator Permit for commercial use too. A 5 day program is offered at Camosun College as well as other providers.

Learn to Drive a boat Victoria BC



While knowledge and classroom time of maritime procedures and boating is important, we feel it cannot replace real, hands on experience. Below is listed some of what will be covered from basic to advanced couse we offer.



Boating Basics and Saftey 101:

Some of what will be involved with in the basic and advanced workshops:


  • Ground handling of boats and Trailers, launching and retrieval safety (advanced)

  • Papers and documentation. Marine Law and saftey equipment.

  • Tides/current awareness, marine meteorology, and decision making skills

  • Marine Experiance Victoria
    BC Hands on steering and navigation procedures

  • Sharp turns (evasive maneuvers) and vessel pitch control

  • Safely navigating buoys  and markers in busy harbors Rules of the Road, collision avoidance

  • Proper Anchoring techniques (advanced)

  • Fuel efficiency, economy and pollution control

  • Starting and stopping the craft on and off  the step (plain)

  • GPS, electronic navigation and VHF radio procedures

  • Docking and mooring techniques (hand on experience)

  • Safer operations in rough sea conditions (Basic and advanced)Private Marine training hands on Victoria BC

  • Safety and drill scenarios for small vessels

  • Proper watching keeping, scanning, and situational awareness

  • Night time,fog navigation, safety, lights and craft procedures (advanced)

What will you gain?

This is a fun, low stress, private workshop designed for those seeking to have some first hand experience on the water with a small vessel.

Our goal:

To provide prospecting, or current boaters with a higher level of expertise and safety awareness in order to minimize the dangers of handling small craft in various situations on the water. 

This is a hands on workshop and you will be given a opportunity to launch and dock the boat, handle the craft on a high speed plain, and react to various scenarios and situations!


How to handle a small craft Victoria BC


Workshop Times & Lengths:                     


     12Hours (basic)  (2 Days)              

    12Hours (advanced)  (2 Days)

Costs and Fees:  

 Email or Call



Workshop dates will be announced based on participation and interest

Dates and times for courses:

Please email Capt David and forward which dates work for you. (Workshops typically held on weekends)

 More dates TBA (Please specifiy dates that would work for you)

What Participants are saying.....


I want to thank you for running your Boating Basics course this spring. I went from being a completely nervous ocean rookie from Alberta to someone who really does feel confident operating and docking a power boat. I really appreciated your calmness and knowledge of the local ocean and weather patterns. It really was a rush taking the boat up to higher speeds and thank you for keeping your eyes out for the deadheads for me!
I wish you all the best and likely I'll see you again for your advanced workshop in the not too distant future.

Colleen Kirkpatrick
, Victoria BC

Hi there David,

I want to thank you for the action-packed day of learning that wBoat Instruction Victoria BCe spent with you aboard the Royal Pacific this week. I would recommend this hands-on boat operation course to anyone who has qualified for their PCOC but wants the nuts and bolts to go with it. Our practice navigating through the busy traffic of the Inner Harbour was a real eye-opener to what navigation markers and the collision regulations really mean. And the practice in docking, picking up a fixed marker as a proxy for man-overboard, and putting the boat on plane have taught us the essentials of competently handling a small craft. You are also to be complimented on your calm, knowledgeable teaching style – you have a gift of breaking things down into bite-sized pieces that are easy to learn. Thanks again, Skipper,

JoAnne Nelson
Project Geologist
BC Geological Survey
Box 9333 Stn Prov Govt
5th Floor 1810 Blanshard St.
Victoria, BC V8W 9N3


Dear David,

Just a quick note of thanks for the excellent course this past weekend which was very useful and enjoyable in its combination of practical, hands-on instruction and concept based learning. You are a great teacher and your enthusiasm for the subject matter really shines through.

Thanks again for a great experience.

With best personal regards


Erich Mohr Ph.D., R.Psych
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

MedGenesis Therapeutix Inc.
730-730 View Street
Victoria, BC, V8W 3Y7

Letter Published by the Times Colonist by Capt David Carlos


Safe navigation requires education

David Carlos, Times Colonist

Published: Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The increase in drownings at sea and boat accidents lately points to an important truth. A good saltwater angler with a boat must be a good skipper, too, before he ventures out into the sea which can become suddenly treacherous.  A competent skipper must possess fundamental understanding of meteorology and weather forecasts, tides and currents, local hazards, marine navigation, radio communication, situational awareness, decision-making skills and on and on, at all times. He must also know the capability of his equipment. This will determine the level of safety risk.

There truly is a huge learning curve when it comes to safe navigation of a boat on the huge ocean. More should be done by the government and community to ensure would-be boaters are prepared to enter this learning curve.

David Carlos skipper and guide Royal Pacific Charters

Victoria © Times Colonist (Victoria) 2010

Private one on one training can be done at a rate of $75/ Hour at anytime (min 4 hours)


Those interested in this instruction can please call Capt David at 250 883 4229 for more information or questions. 

Victoria BC Boat Instruction

Instructor, Captain David Carlos’ Marine Certificates and other Canadian Coast Guard Qualifications:



  • Small Vessel Operator Proficiency, (SVOP) Master of Commercial Vessels up to 5 Gross Tons, Camosun College, Victoria BC, Nautical Department , 2010

  • Marine Emergency Duties, Basic Safety (MEDA1)  BCIT, Pacific Marine Training Campus, Vancouver, BC


    Marine Emergency Duties, Survival Craft Training (MED B1) BCIT, Pacific Marine Training Campus Vancouver, BC             

  • Marine Emergency Duties, Marine Firefighting (MED B2) BCIT, Pacific Marine Training Campus, Vancouver, BC

  • Minister’s Certificate “Lifeboat man Qualified in Marine Emergency Duties” in Accordance with the STCW 1978, Regulation VI/I. Canadian Coast Guard, Victoria BC 1995

  • Radio Operators Certificate, for (Land, Maritime and Aeronautical), Industry Canada, 1996

  • Marine Evacuation Chute MEC Certified, BC Ferries Training Facility, Vancouver BC, 2000

  • Standard First Aid, St John’s Ambulance Victoria BC


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